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The Legend of KONY2012: The Song.

Me and @Lopqra sang this at our stream earlier:

Today, we adventure with #KONY2012.

He is a man full or swordliness and gay-ass blond hair!

He wears a green tunic and holds a gay-ass sword.

But who give a fucking shit because he’s KONY he’s the lord!

Next verse:

Adventuring through the fortress… Yes, he’s the man.

It’s time for a hero to erupt from the sand.

He’ll capture your children, kill Aryyl,

and, um… Oh, god. You won’t know if he’s on his way.


Saving the world from a giant bird who’s on his way to kill you now!

But you can’t understand how hard it’ll be to save Aryyl from there.

Cuz you’ll kidnap her again and make her your slave.

-The Adventures of #KONY2012, Lopqra and DocDonez, June 21st, 2012.


Here it is, the final version and high-res display of my newest creation: Plasmashock, the NES Zapper pistol / Transformers ultimate geeky crossover!

For its transformation mechanism, I built it more similar to Megatron rather than…

I was singing Call Me Maybe, and linking him to, and this happened. Laughing so hard right now.

It’s my birthday today! Going to buy dem awesome games today!


Sub boxes are broken.

Sub box defaults to highlights for most people, does not save when you choose everything.

When you scroll down the sub box, clicking “Show more videos” either does nothing, or will just show the same videos over again. Due to this, if you get pushed out of the first page of…

I need your help, friends, neighbors, countrymen, and Komi.

I am at a loss.

Don’t worry, not a full loss, but a loss for words or thought of what my next endeavor on my great non-television network should be. I a flabbergasted that Portal finished so quickly, and I require recommendations by friends for my next project.

TL:DR version: I don’t know what to LP next. And I need YOUR help!

What’s your favorite game? What’s something that you know will bring fun times to my channel? What’s a game that you know of that will literally make me cry due to the amount of fail? 

Well, it’s time to have your voice heard. Just send me a message through Twitter or my channel or something (or even through my “Questions for the Doc” page on this blog) And tell me your favorite games!

I want to hear what the viewers want, and I’m interested in the result. Hell, it may be a new experience that I’ll really enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for?


Y’know, I’ve been thinkin’. When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life TAKE THE LEMONS BACK! I DON’T WANT YOUR DAMN LEMONS! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE?
Cave Johnson, Portal 2